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AI product managers oversee the development of AI-powered products or features within existing products.

1. Ai Product Manager

NLP engineers build models that understand and generate human language.

2. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer

Robotics engineers design and build robots capable of performing specific tasks autonomously.

3. Robotics Engineer

4. Machine Learning EnginEER

These professionals specialize in creating machine learning models and algorithms.

Data scientists collect, clean, and analyze large datasets to extract meaningful insights.





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5. Data Scientist

AI research scientists develop new AI algorithms and techniques. They work at universities, research labs, and tech companies to push the boundaries of what AI is capable of.

6. Ai Research Scientist

Computer vision engineers develop and implement algorithms that enable computers to understand and interpret images and videos.

7. Computer Vision Engineer

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Some Other Ai Jobs

As AI technology continues to develop, new and innovative AI jobs will emerge. If you are interested in working in AI, there are many opportunities available to you.

Prompt Engineer

Ai Artist

Ai Consultant

AI Software Engineer